Application Support as a Service (ASAAS)

Elastisystems practicing onsite model and Hybrid Onsite/Offshore model which makes us the expert in providing support services for large, small, and medium-sized enterprises. Our pool of experts can help support your applications in a 24/7 model at low costs and high-efficiency. We provide support in 3 major categories starting with Help Desk Services (Level 1), Combine Onsite/Offshore Team Support (Level 2), and Major Enhancements Support

Application Support as a Service (ASAAS)

Our Application support as a service is aimed at ensuring that applications are highly available, reliable, and stay relevant to current business needs. Since our inception, Elastisystems has provided essential and advanced support and maintenance for applications of different purposes and industries.

Most Important Elastisystems Application Management Support Eco-System

24/7 Help Desk:
Helps to monitor and input issues into call log and forward all issues to the Support Team while also solving basic procedural issues

Our Support Team:
Primarily handles L2 support along with KT and support transition to Offshore Support Team while also interfacing with Client Team and other L3 Support Teams

Variable Project Team:
Handles major enhancements and developments whenever required in an on-demand model(Can be provided both as T&M or Fixed Cost enhancements)

The Support model can be extended as a Fixed-Cost Support offering (or) can be a variable-cost model where resources are added flexibly on-demand.