Managed Development as a Service (MDAAS)

Our rich understanding of the Application Development process helps us to quickly understand, solve and enhance your existing applications so that your business can stay in tune with the technological advancements and provide the efficient output that you require. It is absolutely crucial that we are able to understand your existing architecture to be able to migrate (or) upgrade your application while maintaining reliability.

Managed Development as a Service (MDAAS)

Whether you need consulting on a broad scale, need a developer to develop an application for your company, or need to integrate with business processes or other management systems or NetSuite. We have you covered.

We speak business and geek so you don’t have to.

We play roles with


  • Architecture and Consulting / Scaling existing application to handle the increase in user base
  • Modernize application to improve performance issues with current application portfolio
  • Improve user experience and portability of applications
  • Study and Re-Engineer your business processes
  • Reduce cost associated with poorly documented Legacy Systems
  • Migrate existing application to a Cloud Environment / Expose Legacy Systems as Web Services
  • Convert Legacy Programs to Packaged Applications / Integrate/Enhance Applications from different platforms
  • Assess Application Portfolio and provide Risk Management Plan